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About Our Company
About company Kayak Adventures

“Kayak Adventures” is a unique place where everyone of any age, gender and level of fitness can enjoy kayaking and SUP-boarding. For more than a year we bring together fans of outdoor activities from different parts of the country.

Our team is first and foremost an environment of like-minded people united by the atmosphere of lightness and carefree, a desire to feel the freedom that we remember from our childhood. Yes, because kayaking is not only about sport and physical activity. Kayak Adventures becomes the place where we want to come back with our friends and relatives to share these unforgettable emotions.

And our main goal is to see your happy faces, who get not only the benefits of water sports, but also an incredible high from new experiences!

After 7 years of work and more than 45 thousand trips to the sea, we know exactly how to create a place where everyone gets a healthy body and bright emotions in a package!

We’re here to give smiles and make hearts happy. It is this mission that helps us to be involved in every big and small accomplishment of our clients. Ready to go with us to endless experiences.